About Mediation

Are you in a dispute? It's not uncommon to find yourself in a dispute during a home improvement project. What's important is knowing your options for resolving the dispute. 


What are my options? Whether a contractor or homeowner, some people choose to 'eat' the cost so they can move on. Others hire lawyers or become involved in a lengthy court process. Mediation is a better way to resolve many conflicts.  


What happens in mediation? A trained, impartial mediator ensures that all sides of the story are heard and helps participants build a solution. The mediator will not make any decisions for you or provide legal advice. Some cases reach agreement in just one session; others may take longer.


Who controls the outcome? You do.  In mediation you and the other party work together to find a solution. The mediator does not decide for you.




What are the benefits of mediation? Mediation can save you time and money. Most mediation sessions are just a few hours and low cost. Most importantly, mediation gives you control over the outcome. 


What are the risks of using mediation? You can't 'lose' with mediation. The biggest risk is the loss of your time if you don't reach an agreement. But even then you may end up with a better understanding of the other side's point of view. You are still free to pursue legal options.


Why should I try mediation? Mediation is supported by the Maryland Courts. Mediation is such a satisfying process that 89% of participants recommend the service to their friends. Mediation can help with your dispute, too.









"Mediation certainly beat the experience I had in court years earlier. It was far less expensive, far more win-win. I even felt comfortable talking to the other party after it was over. 


"The mediation process was handled professionally. The mediator really listened and made sure everyone had a chance to tell their side of things."


"I help people have difficult conversations. When you help people say what they need to say, they begin to see where they might be able to agree.  The anger and fear go away - there's a sense of relief." 




Percent of Fortune 1000 companies who use mediation


Percent of mediation participants who recommend the service to their friends


Percent of mediated home improvement disputes that reach agreement 

Not able to reach the other party? 


A communication breakdown is common during a dispute. A mediator will contact the other party on your behalf to arrange for mediation.


Need help finding a mediator?

Search a list of trained and qualified mediators, organized by county. 



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